Learn Truth

Our Western Civilisation benefits from a rich heritage of Literature, Theology and Philosophy. We believe that understanding this inheritance left to us by our forefathers will equip our students to impact society for good.

About the Course

Emmanuel College’s main course will be an unaccredited 1-year Liberal Arts course covering four core subjects – Philosophy, Literature, Historical Theology and History.

This course will run over two semesters, with each semester comprising 14 weeks.

Lessons will be held on a Monday and Tuesday at Burwood Presbyterian Church, Sydney (easily accessible by public transport).

Course material will be aimed at a year-13 gap year level but enrolment is open to all.


Each subject will cost $400 per semester with a maximum payment of $1400 per semester ($350 per subject if studying all four subjects required for course completion).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Liberal Arts?

The word Liberal comes to us from the Latin “liber” which means “free”. Liberal Arts are the subjects which were historically viewed as being necessary to produce free men. A free man knows where he comes from (history), can think clearly and is a persuasive and articulate communicator.

Will Liberal Arts help me get a job?

Education has unfortunately become overly focused on gaining a piece of paper that says you can do a job. We want to provide students will more than that. Highly valuable employees are people who can learn quickly, speak and write clearly, take responsibility and think rationally. These are the skills that we want to develop through our Liberal Arts education.

Is there an online option?

A classical liberal arts education has an emphasis on dialogue, debate and interaction. We have designed our curriculum, lessons and assessments to reflect this emphasis. As such, we encourage all students to attend in person classes in order to gain the most from the courses.

However, due to interest from interstate, we will offer an online option to those students who have a good reason for not being able to attend in person.

Is the course accredited?

The purpose of accreditation is to ensure there is accountability for the quality of course content. In Australia, government accreditation has lost most meaning and all value. Instead of working to provide accountability for quality, too often accreditation now seeks to influence what is taught. For this reason, we have decided to remain unaccredited so that we have the freedom to teach a genuinely Christian curriculum from an unashamedly Christian worldview.