About Us

In recent years education has lost something of it’s previous grandeur. The Liberal Arts used to form the basis of educating free men that they might be competent to be a useful member of civil society.

Emmanuel College Sydney was setup in order to produce such men and women. We want to see graduates who are well equipped with the fundamentals of western civilisation. We will focus on critical thought, understanding arguments, articulating critique and analysing concepts from the basis of a Biblical worldview.

In order to graduate men and women who are free to think and argue Biblically, we desire to be free to teach the unrestricted truth. It is increasingly obvious that to be unrestricted in what is taught we must be free from government interference. To that end, we are offering an unaccredited course which will allow us to teach an unashamedly Christian curriculum. We have no desire to be accredited by the government and hope to see a rise in education facilities that are free to produce free men and women.

Our Leadership

Emmanuel College Sydney is governed by a board of directors.

Rev. Dr. Peter Barnes, Dean of Emmanuel College Sydney

Peter is a pastor, lecturer and author. He has been the pastor at Revesby Presbyterian Church for over 20 years and has been involved in Christian Schooling and Theological Education for over 30 years.

Aaron Balmforth

Aaron is an elder at Revesby Presbyterian Church.

Thomas Eglinton

Thomas is the manager of Reformers Bookshop and an elder at Smithfield Baptist Church.

John Ishak

John is the Executive Manager Development for the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales, is a Warden at Menai Anglican Church and involved in Christian Schooling.

David Maher

David has been the minister at Burwood Presbyterian Church for 18 years. He has been active in seeking to see the truth of the Gospel applied to cultural issues.

Michael Prodigalidad

Michael is the pastor of Stanmore Baptist Church. He also sits on the governance boards for Reformers Bookshop and organisations involved in Christian education and ministry training.

Wayne Richards

Wayne is an elder at Revesby Presbyterian Church and is involved in Christian Schooling.